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Not Oculus Supported but wish it was. Spawn underground and no way of playing no matter how much I try to mess with the height settings.

Wmr is reporting erros and will not boot up game

So I don't know if this is only made for HTC Vive and that is why it won't work, but I'm on my Oculus Rift and when I load it in I am always underneath the ground. I have tried it with my headset on the ground and on my head but still the same thing happened. If anybody knows how to fix this please tell me.

Can't install, I click on install, charging, copying, and that's all. Always button "install".

Just a heads up to the developer, this is appearing under the Oculus Rift tag but doesn't support it. xxx

I can load the game but I am unable to click on anything. The levers light up when I move my controller over them, but none of my buttons does anything. HTC Vive