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Pizza Time! is a VR pizza-making extravaganza for the HTC Vive. Take orders, cover pizzas in sweet sweet ingredients, and don't look the robots in the eyes.

You'll have only a minute or two to make each pizza to order by throwing on toppings and tossing it in the oven — but not for too long or it'll burn! Complete as many pizzas as you can and see how much money you can make before you get three strikes by messing up orders. 

Pizza Time! requires an HTC Vive to play.


  • Creative Direction by Alex Napolitan
  • Production by Sam Guiod and Ethan Thibault
  • Engineering by Robert Grzechowiak, Jonathan Nneiji, Randy Horton
  • Sound Design by Aaron Roberts and Ethan Thibault
  • Original Music by Adam Kallibjian
  • Additional Animations by AJ Maraffa
  • Art by Jeff Douglas
  • Logo by Brandon Voeuk

Original Team: Alex Napolitan, Jeff Douglas, Tom Howley, and Alyssa Mazzucotelli

Special Thanks to Jeff Warmouth, Les Nelken

Install instructions

Make sure Steam VR is open and calibrated before playing!

Extract Pizza Time and double-click on "PizzaTime.exe"!

We hope you enjoy, feel free to leave to a comment on our Itch.io page! We'd love to hear your feedback :) 

- Stopped Clock Studios


PizzaTime v1.0 46 MB


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Wmr is reporting erros and will not boot up game

So I don't know if this is only made for HTC Vive and that is why it won't work, but I'm on my Oculus Rift and when I load it in I am always underneath the ground. I have tried it with my headset on the ground and on my head but still the same thing happened. If anybody knows how to fix this please tell me.

Can't install, I click on install, charging, copying, and that's all. Always button "install".

Just a heads up to the developer, this is appearing under the Oculus Rift tag but doesn't support it. xxx

I can load the game but I am unable to click on anything. The levers light up when I move my controller over them, but none of my buttons does anything. HTC Vive